How Employers Benefit From Adult Education

We know it?s difficult to compete and thrive as a business without skilled workers. If you find yourself worrying about how you?re going to find enough trained workers to fill your company?s vacancies, you?ve come to the right place.

Adult education can help give your company the skilled talent it needs for growth and profitability through career career technical education (CTE) training programs offered at adult schools in the region, in partnership with Riverside County community colleges.

Adults often enter our schools to learn English and/or earn their high school equivalency, and once they reach these milestones, they are prepared for our CTE programs. We offer certification courses in automotive, business office skills, construction, healthcare, information and communication technology and logistics and manufacturing. Check out our career classes.

The sure way to ensure your employees have the exact skills needed for success at your company is to become involved in designing the program that trains them! We work with employers in developing certification programs and work-based learning opportunities.

Our business partners include local pharmacies, school districts and local warehouses.

If you?re interested in expanding your employee recruitment options, we?d love to talk about potential partnerships to meet your business needs. Contact 951-736-7128 to get started.