We Answer Your Questions About Adult Ed

What is adult education?

Adult education is a collection of no-cost to low-cost programs that give you the knowledge and skills you need to get a job, improve in your job, enroll in college or get the skills you need to help support your child?s education. Our offerings include high school equivalency and high school diploma classes; English as a second language or ESL classes; citizenship classes and CTE classes (career and technical education).

How much does it cost?

Adult schools in the Riverside region offer affordable, low-cost programs. Costs vary by program, so be sure to ask your adult school about it before making a decision.

Where is it offered?

Adult education classes are offered at various locations throughout Riverside County through six different adult schools. Alvord Community Adult School, Corona-Norco Adult School, Jurupa Adult School, Moreno Valley Community Adult School, Riverside Adult School and Val Verde Adult School.

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Can I really train for a career without going to a college?

Yes, our adult schools offer career classes that lead to an industry certification, so you get the skills you need for an entry-level job. However, we strongly encourage our students to continue their education at either Moreno Valley College, Norco College or Riverside City College to earn additional certifications in their field. The more training you have, the more career opportunities open up – and with it the chance for better pay.

Will the credit I earn for career training transfer to a college?

In most cases, credit earned for career training will not transfer to a college. However, several of our certificate programs are designed so that you start your training at one of our adult schools and transfer to a community college to finish your certificate training.

What if I don?t know English?

If you don?t know English, you can start by enrolling in English as a Second Language, or ESL classes. Our schools offer beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Once you learn how to speak and write in English, you can advance to a GED class and career training courses. Spanish GED classes also are offered.

Do I need to have a diploma or GED to take career classes?

Most short-term CTE or career classes do not require you to have a high school diploma. Explore our career classes or if you are interested in earning a high school diploma or equivalency, visit our GED/HiSET and High School Diploma Classes page.

Are there different levels of English?

Yes, Riverside regional adult schools offer beginning, intermediate and advanced English classes. Learn more about ESL classes.

How do I register for adult education classes?

Follow these steps to successfully register for adult ed classes at the six adult schools in Riverside County.

When can I start taking adult education classes?

Now! Most adult schools have ongoing enrollment opportunities, so you don?t need to wait. Find your school today