GED/HiSET and High School Diploma Classes

Not everybody gets to finish high school. Sometimes, life gets in the way. What?s important is that you are here now. Whether you want to take GED classes or work toward your high school diploma to get a better job, enroll in college or achieve a personal goal, Riverside County adult schools can get you back on track and move you forward, closer to the life you envision for yourself.

Each of our six adult schools – Alvord Community Adult School, Corona-Norco Adult School, Jurupa Adult School, Moreno Valley Community Adult School, Riverside Adult School and Val Verde Adult School – offers one or more ways to complete your high school education.

The cost for these classes vary by school.

3 ways to complete your high school education

  • High school diploma classes – if you are just a few classes shy of earning your high school diploma, this may be a good program for you.
  • GED classes (General Educational Development) – if you haven?t taken very many high school classes, then a GED class, which prepares you to take the computer-based GED exam, could be a quicker route. The GED exam is broken into four different tests: mathematical reasoning; reasoning through language arts; social studies and science.
  • HiSET classes (High School Equivalency Test) – The HiSet is similar to the GED. In either case, if you pass the test, you earn your high school equivalency certificate. The HiSET tests in five core areas: language arts-reading; language arts-writing; mathematics; science and social studies.

Some schools may offer online preparation, so check with the school. Also, some schools offer some of the classes in English or Spanish.

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