Adult Education Classes

Available Classes

Riverside County’s six adults schools - Alvord Community Adult School, Corona-Norco Adult School, Jurupa Adult School, Moreno Valley Community Adult School, Riverside Adult School and Val Verde Adult School - are where you can go to learn to read, write and speak English; get your GED or high school diploma; prepare for the U.S. citizenship test and learn a career skill, so you can get a job that pays better. Our community colleges also offer adult education classes.

  • ESL Classes
    Do you dream of speaking fluent English? We’ll help you with reading, writing, listening and speaking English through our ESL classes. Complete our courses and gain the confidence you need to communicate with the people around you!
  • GED - HiSET - High School Diploma Classes
    It’s never too late to finish your high school education. Our adult schools offer one or more ways to earn your high school equivalency certificate, or earn a high school diploma.
  • Career Classes
    Start career training or earn a short-term certificate at little cost or no cost to you! You can be in a new career in no time, earning more money.
  • Citizenship Classes
    If you dream of becoming a U.S. citizen, we’ll help you get there. Prepare for the citizenship interview and test.
  • Personal Enrichment Classes
    Take classes that help build skills that could make you more employable, such as clothes-making and photography.

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